Search files by parent and name


Searches for a file in a specified folder. This request requires you to pass the parentId of the folder and the name of the file in the request header.

Endpoint URL: {network.internalDNSName or network.proxyURL} received in DeviceInformation

Request Syntax

GET /v2/filesSearch/parentAndName

Request Headers

Parameter Description Required
Accept-Encoding Request using the Accept-Encoding header, with a value of gzip to compress response data. This reduces network traffic and improves response time.

Value of type: string
Authorization An access token with nas_read_only or nas_read_write scope as well as the File Permission with value ReadFile or FileOwner for the file or a parent.

Value of type: string
If-Match A previous response ETag or *. Returns the object only if its entity tag (ETag) is the same as the one specified.

Value of type: string
If-None-Match A previous response ETag or *. Returns the object only if its entity tag (ETag) is different from the one specified.

Value of type: string

Request Query Parameters

Parameter Description Required
fields The fields to return.

Value of type: csv

Default: All fields
name The name of the file to search for.

Value of type: string
parentID The ID of the parent folder within which to search. The value of root retrieves the user's root-directory. The value of sysroot retrieves system's root-directory. The value of trash retrieves the contents of pending deletions.

Value of type: string

Default: sysroot
pretty Whether to pretty print the response. It refers to the process of displaying source code or other items in a presentable way.

Value of type: boolean

Default: false

200 Response


Response Headers

Parameter Description Required
Content-Type Indicates the media type for the message body. Specify application/json as the content-type. false
Etag An eTag (entity tag) is an HTTP response header used to determine the change in file metadata and content. false

Response Payload

Parameter Description Required
File The File metadata.

Object of type: File


Sample request to search for a file having a specified parentID and name.


GET /sdk/v2/filesSearch/parentAndName?parentID=0cDLqRwqT5sh6iaeNt24k7CaFGmZlSsITSVtg2ct&name=sdk%20image.jpg HTTP/1.1
Host: Endpoint-URL
Authorization: Bearer 619085ea-65cb-4b3a-819c-6ac92a3a30f8


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Etag: "wYVyMtluyc7ghOO9k5irPA"
Vary: Origin
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 22:17:58 GMT
Content-Length: 706

  "id": "UirCkRtlp8gdUvqzk94ekXg6ElJWCYAAGRIgNhE-",
  "parentID": "0cDLqRwqT5sh6iaeNt24k7CaFGmZlSsITSVtg2ct",
  "eTag": "\"Bg\"",
  "size": 6554,
  "mimeType": "image/jpeg",
  "mimeTypes": ["image/jpeg"],
  "name": "sdk imageæ¼¢.jpg",
  "mTime": "2016-08-29T21:43:29.655Z",
  "cTime": "2016-08-29T21:43:29.655Z",
  "extension": ".jpg",
  "image": {
    "date": "2015-04-30T10:37:58Z",
    "width": 20,
    "height": 27,
    "cameraMake": "sdk camera makeæ¼¢",
    "cameraModel": "sdk camera modelæ¼¢",
    "aperture": 2.4,
    "exposureTime": 0.016666666,
    "isoSpeed": 64,
    "focalLength": 4.12,
    "flashFired": false,
    "orientation": 1,
    "latitude": 37.506277777777775,
    "longitude": -121.92104444444445,
    "altitude": 58.2106135986733
  "publiclyShared": false,
  "privatelyShared": false

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