Frequently asked questions

My Cloud device

  • What is a My Cloud device?
    • A My Cloud device is a personal cloud storage device. My Cloud device connects the storage to the internet. Allowing the user to access their data from anywhere.

  • Why are My Cloud devices called a personal cloud solution?
    • My Cloud devices are storage units that connect to your home network. It’s a cloud storage solution that you control, so you’ll know that your videos, photos, music and documents are in one safe place.
  • Where is the user content stored?
    • The user content is stored on the My Cloud device. The user content is not stored in any remote data center, but within the My Cloud device the user owns.
  • What type of apps can I develop for My Cloud devices?
    • With the My Cloud API a developer can write - mobile, web, desktop - applications that access the content stored on the My Cloud device.
    • With the My Cloud Device SDK a developer can write applications that run on the My Cloud device.

  • Do you have discounts for device purchase for My Cloud developers?
    • Yes, My Cloud application developers can get a discount on My Cloud devices to help application development. For more information about the developer discounts contact us.

My Cloud API

  • What can a developer do with the API's included in the My Cloud API?
    • Please refere to the My Cloud API section for more information.
  • What My Cloud devices support the My Cloud API?
    • All My Cloud devices running My Cloud OS 3 firmware support the My Cloud API.
  • How can I get a client ID and client secret for my application to use the My Cloud API?
    • Submit a request or Contact us, to get the Client ID and Client Secret to be able to write applications that use My Cloud API.

My Cloud Device SDK